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Good and accessible lawyers for any budget. You choose who you want to work with! Our service is 100% free-of-charge and non-binding.

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|| Save time and money!

Our service connects you with 3 lawyers who specialise in family law. We solve your request within 2-3 hours and allow you to choose which budget and solution is right for you.

|| Your free benefits

Lawyers are usually busy and difficult to reach. Tell us which city you are in, when you wish to be contacted and if you prefer male or female representation. We take all your wishes into consideration.

   Save between 20-40% now   

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These 3 simples steps will save you both time and money. We are waiting to hear from you!

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We need to understand your situation and expectations in order to help you. Please submit your contact details and give us a short description of the legal matter that needs to be resolved.

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|| We call back in 10 min.

We have a team of very nice people waiting to talk to you. Our specialist team will call back right away to confirm your details and to ensure that our lawyers have the information needed.

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|| Non-binding service

3 lawyers, who received your details and have a perfect understanding of your situation, will contact you. Discuss the possible solutions, your budget and decide if you want to collaborate or not.

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Please send us the requested details below along with a short description of your situation. We call you back in max. 10 minutes unless you indicate something else.

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